Thursday, March 11, 2010

TSI -- Toddler Scene Investigation
Setting: Our living room at approximately 12:30 p.m. this afternoon.
Scene: Toys strewn about, sippy cups dropped on floor, crackers crushed on carpet, trail of clothing leading from kitchen into living room. Splatter pattern of clothing indicative of wild abandon.
Conclusion: Finn decided to take all his clothes off.
Possible motives: He's a toddler. He was hot. He hates clothes. He likes the feel of the couch on his butt.
Mystery remains unsolved at this time.

Sitting on the couch naked was a little too out there for Finn, though, so he made use of this handy pillow and was, thus, able to be both rebellious and modest at the same time. Also, this enabled photographic evidence. What's a naked moment if your mother can't document it on the Internet? (Your future teenage self curses you, Finn.)
Rosie typically thinks everything Finn does is great, and this naked-on-the-couch exploit is no exception. From the clapping and squealing coming from her corner of the couch, this is yet another stroke of pure genius.
And deserving of a kiss, apparently.


Jenni said...

Love that kiss.

Anonymous said...

my kids were the same, so cute....wait till you get to the hot ontario summer!
Your family is awesome ;)