Monday, October 12, 2009

Can I not eat my cookie in peace?
Elmo has become very, very important to Finn. Elmo comes everywhere with us these days. We really, really need to find another one to stash away when the inevitable happens. Gasp! A lost Elmo!

Ohhh, a dolly! I like dollies. Would you like to play with me, dolly?
Here we are in the Byward Market eating our first beavertail. It costs over $4 for the basic model; any grades such as ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, chocolate increase the price by many folds. It is basically fried dough heavily sprinkled with brown sugar. Obama mugged for the cameras while buying some on his visit to Ottawa. Our verdict? Yummy! Bring on the fried dough.

Happy Turkey Day! Except we had chicken, so happy chicken day. In any case, we are thankful.