Thursday, November 26, 2009

I miss having a cat: a warm, furry little loafer who sleeps on all the furniture and eats our food. I think Finn and Rosemary are a little wee for a pet, so we'll wait. In the meantime, I am hoping we have a solution for my cat cravings.
Meet Stevie. He lives across the street. For a few months now, Finn, Rosemary, and I have been making pals with him.

I think we're finally becoming friendly. My ultimate goal is him sleeping on our couch and eating our food like a furry little neighbour ought to. We're almost there. Often in the morning, Finn comes running into the kitchen -- I am always in the kitchen. Why is that? -- yelling, "Stevie! Stevie!" We rush out with the toys and the milk.
After his customary Tupperware full of milk, he stays to play with a ball and get a pet or two.
He's even playing with Finn lately. Well, he's a little uncertain of Finn and his quick movements, but they have managed a bit of fun. Stevie is only six-months old and is as playful as his two-year-old neighbour.
I think he's just about ready to come into the house.

Note to self: Add tuna to grocery list.
A father-daughter moment.
The cutest is killing me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rosemary's favorite occupation #1: Looking out the window. That's right. She's keeping an eye on the neighbourhood making sure those squirrels keep in line and the dogs next door haven't escaped. Speaking of the next-door dogs, there are four -- FOUR -- Golden Retrievers living there. Here I thought my house was noisy.
She's a curious little cutie.
Favorite occupation #2: Pulling herself to standing on whatever is handy: the couch, the Elmo chair, her crib, my head.
There have been a few tentative movements that I would almost call cruising.
This is all developing at what seems to be an alarming pace.
It's almost like she has an agenda or something."That's right, Mama! Get your running shoes on. I'm coming for you."