Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finn is the coolest two-year-old, soon to be three-year-old, that I know. Never seen without his Elmo hat, Finn is adorable. His Afro Ken* bag is a new addition to his "look." It holds all his treasures: little wallet, big wallet, red tool, gray tool, sometimes his photo book of important pictures, and oftentimes little Elmo (but not Big Elmo. He doesn't fit.) I gave him the bag because I was tired of looking for all his VIP items. Luckily, I have a surplus of bags and happen to have one Finn found acceptable. Never let it be said Finn is trying to blend in. In any way. Whatsoever. At all.

*I am amazed there are Afro Ken sites on the web. I bought this bag at nightmarket in Taipei. Very cool. I also have an Afro Ken t-shirt that's just waiting for someone to be big enough for it.

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