Monday, July 26, 2010

Finn's wonderful brain, exhibit #1:

"Boobies go to the moon."

Finn told Rosemary this in response to my telling her, "Boobies go night-night." It's my way of telling her the breastaurant is closed. Boy, does that make her mad. I like how Finn is helping her, though, move on (Please Rosemary, Move. On.) by extrapolating this idea of no-more boobies to space travel.

My breasts can go to another galaxy at warp speed at this point for all I care. I'd just like her to leave them alone now.

Finn's wonderful brain, exhibit #2:

"Kitty needs some new red Elmo pants. And new Elmo red shirt. And new red tool." "Kitty needs all that?" "Yep."

I don't know who this kitty is or where he came from, but he sure seems to need a lot of stuff.

Finn's wonderful brain, exhibit #3:

"Finn turn Rose's bum on."

He even had a little imaginary key. What can I say? He's awesome.

Sunday, July 25, 2010