Friday, May 22, 2009

Hoses are fun to play with.
In other news, today, Finn spent over 30 minutes trying to swaddle Grover. It was cute -- a little strange, but cute.

Who doesn't need a little dose of Rose? 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dylan gave Finn a 2x4 -- this is what they're called, yes? -- with some screws and a couple of tools. Man, oh man, that is the best toy ever. "Fix, fix, fix!" as Finn would say. 
In praise of plastic toys, he does like Legos now, and wooden blocks are okay too. He gets a little OC about the towers, though.
Nothing beats a little R&R in the ole Elmo chair, though.
Despite the look on his face, Dylan is not this grumpy this weekend. I think he's pondering which beer he should drink or how excited he is about the Aviation Musuem. Yah, airplanes! Finn's mind will be blown. Those two are going to be the biggest air-shows geeks.
And here's me and the little, cute floating head I carry around all the time. 
There's that head again inside the sling.

Mmm, Victoria Day is yummy.