Monday, August 09, 2010

NavCanada Summer Picnic 2010
Notes to Self/Things to Remember for Next Year
by Rosemary Leite

1) If you see a clown on a bicycle, she'll want to take your picture.
Even your brother's attempts at ignoring said clown will not make her go away. Work on stony-eyed glare for next year.
2) If there is free lemonade, drink lots of it.

3) If you are Rosemary, ride a pony.
Contemplate enjoyment of ride at a later time. This is not the time for thinking. Conserve all energy for consumption of normally contraband items.

3) If you are Finn, do not leave the stroller under any circumstances.

4) Even though Daddy is generally trustworthy, do not accept balls of fluffy stuff from him at this event. Repeat. Do not touch the cotton candy. It will feel really gross.
5) Mom and Dad will let you eat as many cookies as possible on this single day of the year.
Eat fast.
6) If you see a small black pig accompanied by a little rabbit, they are probably friends.
7) Accept this fact as part of picnic "reality."
8) Don't let Mommy eat all of your hamburger. She will try, and you'll have to be fast. Practice speed eating for next year. Consider Finn as possible mentor.

Sunday, August 08, 2010