Thursday, April 29, 2010

This pretty much sums up mornings around here. What you don't see is all the coffee consumed. Cuteness and caffeine, that's what is fueling the Leite household.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An army of Elmo cupcakes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy birthday, Finn! We are three, a wee wonderful age of bugs and new discoveries, new independence. To catch lightening in a bottle, to keep you here forever with me, at this age, I would, if I could.

I love you, Finn.

Top 10 Reasons Finn Is Amazing.

1) You have brought all matters of light, happiness, and, I truly believe, a bit of luck into my life. The day you were born, after all the drama, we had some quiet moments in our hospital room. I am not a particularly superstitious person, but I looked out that window holding you sitting next to your father, and there it was. A beautiful rainbow heralding your arrival.

2) You taught me how to be a mother. It was a bit scary, though, that first night with you. You wouldn't latch properly. There wasn't a lot of sleep. Nurses came and went offering increasingly bewildering advice about getting you to feed. The first few diapers I changed were difficult. That first crap is sticky, man! When we were getting ready to leave the hospital, I was feeling particularly inept, disheveled, and completely unsure. Dylan went off to get the car seat and left us alone. Alone with the baby, I was scared, no doubt. I sang to you, "Hush Little Baby," and to my weary, postpartum eyes, I saw recognition in yours.

I had sung this song to you daily while you were on the inside and I was waiting for your arrival, and now, as I sang it for you in real life, I began to feel like a mother, like your mother, Finn.
3) You have a beautiful, gentle nature. In your way, you teach quiet and peace. You watch the world whirling around you, and you're thinking about it. I can see that. Sometimes you choose to participate; other times, you just watch.

4) You're really funny. The first time you saw pizza, you said really loudly, "Yum." You just knew that had to be delicious. Very good instincts, my little man.

5) You are probably a computer genius. You know how to work the bloody things better than I do. You can open a web browser, go to your bookmark folder, select the website you want, go to it, and then from that site, select any games, videos that you want. You adjust volume settings. You can open the paint program and starting drawing. I know. I know. Everyone can use a computer, right? But you're three, Finn. Three. Google guys, you better watch out. Finn will be programming you out of business.

6) You like cleaning. A really special treat is when I let you play in the sink with bubbles and a washcloth. I find this a little bizarre, but whatever. You go Finn! Clean away, and please keep doing so well into your teenage years. Let me know when you're ready to start doing the laundry.

7) Actually, you have started the laundry. You love to help me with it. In fact, you are a very helpful little man. There is no job you won't do for me. You carry my bags for me. You open the car door for me. You'll put things away without being asked. You tidy your room. You're a conscientious little boy, and it shows how much you care about your world and the people in it. Thanks, Finn.

8) Kitties are your favorite. You recognize those adorable, furballs as kindred spirits. Me too, Finn. Me too. Sunbeam naps and lots of cuddles sound like a great life.
9) Your best pal is your daddy. You are his little shadow, helping him with every project, accompanying every car wash, assisting his every move. You're there with the tool bag, the laptop, the hose and bucket, the disks for the software uploads, the moving of wires. And let's face it, Finn. What would Daddy do with you?
10) You are, truly, wonderful. Happy Three, Finn Bear.