Monday, December 07, 2009

(Editors note - There are no pictures today, I forgot to take some... sorry!!!)

Well, tonight is my last night as the guest host of this blog. I feel like the guest host on Late Night with Conan O'Brien; I'm just filling in for the real stars of the show. My departure was always inevitable.

Before Jenn comes home I am going to scratch my butt and burp real loud (I tried to clip the episode of "The Simpsons" Season 8 Episode 6 - A Milhouse Divided for you to illustrate my point but I couldn't with VLC, I need Adobe CS3 or CS4 - please send cash or cheque).

Before I go into another bullet list let me tell you a story about Finn tonight: Jenn bought an advent calendar box from a site called Although this site is a greater waste of money than, I must agree that etsy has alot of good stuff... and alot of good stuff has come in the mail (and on my credit card). So with this advent calendar I have been tasked, by Jenn, to start opening the drawers with Finn while Jenn is away.

Today Finn got a finger flashlight in the advent calendar... and since I have been doing alot of cleaning and organizing while Jenn has been away (really, I have... I've done so much cleaning and organizing the junk in our house things seem to be finally under control) I also found all the missing parts to all of my flashlights. I put all the flashlights together, except for one that is broken, and put them in a safe place.

After Finn got his own flashlight in the advent calendar we started running around the house with all of our flashlights in hand... Finn and I both had one in each hand. I put on Pink Floyd's Pulse on the computer. I borrowed Pulse (stole maybe, I don't know if I ever gave it back... if I did then I doubt it works) from my mom when I was a teenager and still think it's the best live album in existence and am open to someone to try and prove me wrong. It even had the pulsating LED on the spine... dunno how much that is really worth right now.

Anyways, there Finn and I were, running around the house, in the dark, listening to Pink Floyd, waving flashlights in the air and screaming random sounds into the dark. It was a primal moment; a connecting moment with my son. And, it is nice to know that I will also act this way even if I am not a teenager smoking something in my dad's basement.

I apologize that this post is not as graphical as the rest but I don't have alot of time left and I want to use this remaining time to tell you things that really matter, these thing that you may or may not already know:

  • Finn laughs when he farts.
  • Finn laughs at my farts.
  • Finn calls farts "Toots".
  • We hate our neighbors four, barking dogs.
  • Finn will give you a kiss if you ask for one. And a bigger one if you ask nice.
  • Watch out, though, he might lick you.
  • Ontario liquor stores close at night.
  • Our neighborhood liquor store closes at 5pm on Sundays. 5pm!!!
  • Finn likes to clean.
  • Finn likes to help clean the floor.
  • For Christmas, I would like 1, 2, 3.
  • I would also like Palm to come out with something similar to my T|X but with a Linux OS. If this device supports Windows applications, Java and Adobe instead I won't complain. I just want something from Palm that works with the rest of the world. I want Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a touch screen... but I DO NOT WANT IT DEPENDANT ON A GSM PHONE SYSTEM!!! SCREW YOU ROGERS AND IPHONE!!!
  • I hate Mushrooms. ICK. They are not food. There is no "Fungus" food group, and I have yet to find where "Fungus" fits into the color wheel. They are not a fruit and vegetable. If you classify them as food then, in my books, you must get juice out of them. When you are hungover or need a drink after a good workout do you reach for a pint of Mushroom Juice??? NO!!! I didn't think so. You cannot get mushroom juice, you cannot find them in the food groups. Mushrooms are not food.
  • Downloading music is no more a crime than borrowing the music from your friends or borrowing it from the library? The only difference is on a website where one subscribes to bitTorrents we are a network of thousands of friends who use the internet as our virtual library. We are not criminals so don't treat us like such. We are not stealing. If the record industry can't find a way to make money from this new technology then that's not my fault. They don't have the right people working for them... I can be contacted through this blog for contracted Consulting opportunities and lobby my views on copyrights and distribution.
  • Finn likes music. Today he didn't want to listen to CBC radio anymore... that's my boy.
  • I listen to CBC radio on the internet... when the government has it's way, will that be a crime to listen to CBC on the internet for free, too?
  • I don't believe in Purell!!!
Jenn will be back soon.

Goodbye, my friends.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Today is my second to last day to update this blog,

And as a special treat I blog about a bog.

It is a giant bog. A cold, quiet bog.

In this bog you can find some frogs...

And logs...

And people walking dogs.

In the cool winter morning you'll be surrounded by fog,

And in hot summer days it fills up with smog.

You'd think it is a park, but it is really a bog.

So Finn's fun at the bog is what I posted on Jenn's blog.