Friday, July 02, 2010

Canada Day -- the part where we swim and eat cake.

And have a blast.

Enough said.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day 2010
This was before the bike ride to Petrie Island for the Canada Day festivities. You can tell it's the "before" because I am neither hot, sweaty, thirsty, nor tired.
Parents + bike trailers filled with toddlers + gravel bike path = Fun actually.

"Jennifer, are you taking my picture?" Why, yes, Treena, I am indeed.
"Why does Finn get to do all the fun stuff?"
I don't know if Finn would call this fun, Rosemary, but he came down the bouncy slide in style nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finn at work.
I love this age. Only at three can I imagine him with his toy drill at his workshop, and yet still, his Little Elmo is laying nearby.
By the way, this is the Step Two Real Projects Workshop, and it is quite a good toy. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Not only does it seem to satisfy Finn's genetically predetermined need to fiddle with tools and screws, it also has more than just hammering and screwing going for it. That reminds me of a joke about my twenties, but I digress. It came with all these foamy bits to make the projects, which are so helpfully illustrated on the workshop. Finn loves pouring over these "instructions."
It's essentially 3-D puzzles, and Finn can make everything from the fairly simple cube right up to the backhoe. There are enough pieces as well to lend some creative and open-ended play.

That's my product review. Thank you and goodnight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Despite her all-day proclaimed love, she's a little less Elmo
And a little more
Cookie Monster!

In these past three years, I've seen a lot of really cute things: first smiles, first hugs, first steps, first really big giggles. All are filed away in my brain for quick access during some of the less cute moments.
I have to say, though, this moment, this pushing of Elmo in the doll stroller, is right up at the top.

She's not just pushing him either. She's stopping every few steps to check on Elmo. If he's fallen over, she puts him back up very carefully. She pats his head. Sometimes she stops to stick her head in the stroller and whisper to Elmo, and then she gives him a quick kiss before toddling along again.