Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I spend a lot of time wearing this sling. Thank god for slings. I can be holding the baby and making lunch and entertaining Finn and talking on the phone at all at the same time. 
Rosemary likes her bath! She kind of coos in it. Finn hated the bath at first; I remember screaming, lots of screaming. I was looking at this picture and thinking how plump she was looking. Then we had her weighed today. She's nine pounds!!! She has put on almost a pound and a half in two weeks. Finn was nowhere near this prodigious in growth. 

She's just so fast, this girl. She came into the world fast and appears to want to conquer it at lightening speed. She can lift her head already. She's sleeping 5-to-6 hours at night. (I know. I know. Wtf? I keep thinking it can't keep going like this, and then another night hits, and I get sleep. I will have probably just jinxed myself, but it's been nice.) She's raring to go. She seems at two-weeks-old like Finn did at six. That's my last comparison because these two kids are clearly very different right from the get-go. But both so cute! 
What's Finn playing with? I have no idea, but it's entertaining him, and at this point, whatever entertains him is golden.
"I'm bored, MAMA! Let's do something fun. No, feeding Rosemary is not fun."

"Twirling in circles? Now that's fun."
"Hey you! Boob lady! Over here! BOOOOB! BOOBIE!! I like that boobie business."
"YAH! That hand is connected to the boob! Yah! Yum!"
"Wait, I hear that kid again. He's distracting me from my boob. Just you wait, kid, till I'm mobile."