Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, people!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Snatched from their beds Sunday afternoon, Finn and Rosemary went from nap to car trip in two-minutes flat.
Pleased to find themselves still in their pajamas with blankets and little friends, they were headed to Oktoberfest!
A little pizza in the car,
A little drive on the highway,
A rendition or two of The Wheels on the Bus,
And we arrived at the fairgrounds in VanKleek Hill.
Nothing says "Oktoberfest" like an Elmo backpack.

"Our ticket includes a giant pretzel? I LOVE giant pretzels."
We also got styling pins. Rosemary was pretty quick to claim hers.
"Feed us, or we'll steal your children."
Considering what cute children they are, who could blame the livestock?

There was a lot more fun, beer, expensive German-type food, and even more beer, but our camera died. The sunlight memories live on, though, in memory. It was a beautiful day, and the drive home spectacular. I wish I had a picture of the black landscape set against the orange sky. Holy Halloween, Batman!
It was a great day.