Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello blog-o-sphere,

Once again, Jenn and the kids have made their, what seems to be an annual event, migration to Edmonton. As a result, I have been once again tasked with updating the blog. I don't know if it's more for your enjoyment more than it is for Jenn to keep adding things to my list of things I need to do while she is away. Maybe it's just another way to keep me busy and out of trouble (ie. having fun without her).

The last two days have been typical of being by myself; yesterday I had chips, cheesecake and beer for dinner.

Today, being "Gourmet Thursday," I boiled Kirkland Signature ravioli. It's the new pierogi. The "gourmet" is that I drizzled some tomato sauce and sprinkled "Spaghetti spice" over the ravioli. The spice is the gourmet. Yum.

As a side story, for those who know me, I used to live alone before Jenn entered (invaded) my life. Those were the days when Jenn and I worked at the Faculty Club and I lived in a small basement suite off of Whyte Ave. The apartment building was called "The Branding Place." It was a cute brick building on 85th Ave. Anyways, since I worked at the Faculty Club and supplied lunch and dinner most days of the week, I did not need to buy much groceries simply because I didn't need to buy much food, and also because I spent most of my money after rent and bills on beer and cigarettes.

For those days that I had to eat at home, since I was not at the Faculty Club, I had to fend for myself. Eating out was not much of an option since a dinner out was the equivalent of two or three pitchers of beer at the bar back then. One of my cheap solutions was PIEROGI's. I had a 20kg bag in the freezer. I think there was only room enough in the freezer for a loaf of bread beside the pierogi. Those nights I was not at the Club or was hungry after the bar I made a large plate of pierogis and toast. Usually, if there was extra money, I made my pierogis with butter and ground pepper. If I came into some money, like at Christmas or from my income tax, I might have onion, bacon and/or sour cream; however, there was no guarantee that my pierogi had anything other than butter and toast. For a while people laughed at it, but I didn't mind. I loved few things more than I loved pierogis.

So now, I am alone again, and the new pierogi is the ravioli. I didn't check Costco yesterday when I was there, but I need to go back for coffee and cream. Maybe I will buy a big bag of pierogis.

I still love pierogis, but in the last 4 years I've learned to love three people more than anything I have ever loved before;

(PS. I miss my little family)