Friday, March 19, 2010

How To Love Everything
by Rosemary Leite
Or A Trip to The Aviation Museum With My Family
Or A Brush With Very Earnest Teenagers.
The blog has suffered this week. What can I say? There has been lots of park days, a date with a reptile man, a trip to the Aviation Museum, and lots of outdoor time. Here are some pictures from the Aviation-museum trip. This was great. Not only did we get to use our family membership, the children LOVED it. Happy children = happy parents.
"Oooooh, this is going to be good, Mama. I can just feel it."
It's basically a gigantic airplane hanger (shocking, I know) filled with -- wait for it -- planes. Point being there is nothing but gray carpeting around all these planes, and essentially, to a child or, more accurately, I guess, to my children, it looks like a big, gray runway to, well, run on or, as the case may be, crawl on. But don't touch the planes! Oh no, don't do that. The teenagers with name tags don't like that at all.
Look at all that carpet. Oh, and planes. Lots of planes. Yup. Planes.

Since it was pretty early on a Saturday morning, I could only assume all the teenagers hanging around the planes were at the museum in some official capacity, and by "official," I mean in a community-service kind of way. Anyway, I was going to ask one what they had lost their Saturday mornings for, but then Finn made a break for it to touch a plane. Wow. I thought this kid's brain was going to explode. As it turns out, the teenager was not working off his community-service hours for drinking in public, running naked across suburban lawns, or something equally normal. Nope, I realized this kid really likes planes and was volunteering. I know. I was shocked too. In his defense, though, he very helpfully directed us and our crazy running-amok children to the planes you can touch.

Phew! For once, we are NOT breaking all the rules.

You know, I happen to know and love someone who spent his teenager years volunteering, and he turned out okay. I wonder if this is an inheritable trait?

Anyhoo, I really wish all pictures were like the ones described in Harry Potter. If pictures were magical, you could see Rosie zooming in and out of them shrieking madly. Man, she can crawl fast.
At one point, she saw Finn and Daddy in the distance, and she shrieked so loudly even the teenagers looked up from their "how to ace the NavCanada Entrance Exam" manuals. She was really that loud: "HEY! I KNOW THAT KID! THAT'S FINN! I LOVE FINN. FIIIINNNNN."