Friday, October 23, 2009

Here we are in our Jolly Jumper decidedly not jumping, but Rosemary must be instead daydreaming about....
Her Halloween ladybug costume. This picture is blurry, but I think it captures how adorable she looks. Finn agrees. On a funny side note, suddenly, Finn really likes ladybugs.

Finn as Elmo will be appearing soon. I think it would be hilarious to dress his Elmo doll up as Finn for Halloween, but every time I try to put clothes on Elmo, Finn gets mad. I guess that is totally undignified for his poor little Elmo. Man, it's going to be tough to get him in a costume Halloween night. I hope candy will motivate him.
Are they practicing for adolescence or what?

Speaking of which, we bought Rosemary a car!
"Ooooh, my own set of wheels. Finally."
She loves it. Not only is she playing with Finn's swing set (again, finally!), Finn plays with her. He pushes her in it, and to little Rosemary, that is ultimate, giggle-tastic fun.

(Look at all those leaves! It's like a frigging leaf carpet out there. That, people, is why I am not posting. I am raking leaves. Bags and bags and -- oh look, more stupid leaves dropped in the night -- bags of leaves.