Saturday, August 01, 2009

I didn't post on our wedding anniversary, July 22nd, mostly because I was too tired from travelling by myself with Finn and Rosemary. Aye carumba. I think I am still tired. It actually wasn't all bad. Rose slept the whole time and Finn watched shows. In any case, I am finally getting around to organizing our wedding pictures.
I know! I know! I haven't printed a single picture, framed any shots, or made an album. We've been married for three years: three years, three moves, two cities, two children, and the loss of one damn-fine cat. How on earth have we crammed so much living into so short a time? It boggles my mind, and I've lived it.
All I know is there is no one on earth I would rather have done and lived through it all with than Dylan.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are settling back into our routines and back into our lives in Ottawa, although we miss what we have left behind.
We are grateful to have seen our families and friends, though. That alone has made for a wonderful summer, albeit a tiring one.

Rose is growing and changing so fast. Even though this picture is only a few weeks old, it's out of date already. She's getting plumper and impossibly cuter. She has started to laugh. A lot. She is a delightful baby. This morning she was giggling in her sleep. Finn, not just dreams, is funny too. She was fussing and crying, and Finn came over and let her play with his hair. She was running her hands in and pulling on his hair and laughing about it. Finn was entertained too. Wow! They played together, and no one lost an eye.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My brain is still on vacation, or maybe it is finally on vacation. In lieu of anything interesting to say, here are some cute pictures from our trip, and really, this blog is all about the cute picts anyway.