Sunday, August 01, 2010

Every morning, I have this conversation:

As Daddy drives away, honking his horn for the two little blonde heads in the window, Finn says, "Daddy stay home."
"Finn, Daddy has to go to work."
Sad face.
"Daddy has to work so he can make the bacon. Then he brings home the bacon, and Mommy cooks the bacon. Then we eat the bacon. You like bacon, right, Finn?"
"Uh-huh." Pauses thinking about bacon.
"Finn go work with Daddy."
"You want to go to work with Daddy?"
"Finn need bag. And nametag. And lunch. Finn go work."
"What would you do at work? What do you think Daddy does at work?"
"Daddy go on Elmo website on laptop at work."
"I see."

This weekend, Dylan had to go into work to pick up some items for an impending business trip, so guess who finally got to go to work with his Daddy?
We made him a name tag. An Elmo name tag, as requested.
He put on his work clothes, which, apparently, included his Elmo hat. Good stuff.
We packed his Afro Ken bag with a snack and trusty Green Tool.
And finally, Finn went to work with Daddy. He even ate his breakfast bagel on the road. Just like Daddy.
The only hitch in this great day was the little pink person left behind. Let's just say Rosemary does not like being left out.