Thursday, February 04, 2010

On the weekend, we ventured to a pet store. And we left with a pet. I guess that was predictable. Anyway, the fifth member of our family is not the kitty Finn so desperately seems to want.

(He even claims he'll clean up the "kitty poo." Uh-huh. I need more poo to clean like I need a hole in the head.)
So Finn is now the proud owner of Blub the Fish.
Long live Blub!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Being crafty! There are some amazing kid-craft blogs out there that I venture to looking for some inspiration. Hell, I think we all need a little inspiration in deep, dark February. I guess February was invented to make us appreciate July.

Stupid appreciating stuff.

Recently, we made a robot from construction paper, felt, googly eyes -- no craft is complete without googly eyes -- and a whole lot of paint. Idea was found here:

Hmmmm...this robot is missing something.

I think he needs some paint.
That's what I thought. Now with red paint pouring out of his neck, the robot is complete.

Previous crafts:
Plate-spider guy. He looks awfully happy for not having enough legs. I guess he appreciates stuff.
This is a puppy, but I suppose you got that already considering it's spelled out very clearly in glitter glue.
This was a good craft. Finn painted the paper, and I constructed the butterfly. This butterfly has only one eye. He used to have two, but one got picked off. He looks a little forlorn about the whole eye situation: not appreciating stuff.