Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is a gentle season here in Ottawa. It reminds me of July in Edmonton, actually: the cool mornings and evenings, the day warming to beautiful afternoons, the number of rainy days, and the odd hot ones. Then again, maybe it's the lack of humidity. Fall is lovely here, though.In our yard, there is a gigantic Red Maple. It's a tree so big I can't get it all in the picture. That big beauty was the first thing I noticed in our backyard when Dylan first brought me to see our new house, our home. It's probably home to numerous squirrels and birds. This summer, we found a few birds nests in our yard; they had blown out of the tree. It has new life as a toy now that Dylan strung a tire swing from it.

I think it's the tallest in our neighborhood. This summer, we were at a neighbour's house for a summer barbecue. Dylan said he was looking around from this neighbour's yard and saw the gigantic tree and thought, "Wow, who's the jerk that let their tree get so crazy big? Oh wait. That's our yard." Naturally. Possible falling branches and insurance claims aside, it's a nice tree.
And I noticed a few leaves have begun to change to red. It's fall, officially.
Man, that things drops a whole lotta leaves. Finn and Rosemary better their leaf-pile-jumping pants on.

Sunday, September 19, 2010