Saturday, March 06, 2010

All funny captions provided by Dylan and the letter B*.

"I'm helping daddy organize all his paperwork. Let's just say, mommy didn't marry daddy for his money." (Editor's note: I married your daddy for love, lots and lots of love (and the sex ... [oops, that's Dylan's comment]). And for his paperwork organizational skills.)

"Nothing takes the pain out of reality like a fry-shack and fresh fries for lunch."

"This can't be all there is to the morning? I miss the Olympics!"

"And this where our income taxes are going?"(Stupid Ontario and their stupid high taxes! We're from Alberta. We're used to crappy public services, substandard health care, and half-ass, well, everything really, but at least we got to keep (a little more of) our money.)

"Well, no matter what happens we have each other..."

"... and we have Roo."

"Oh boy, don't forget Sheepie." (If we dare forget Sheepie, Rosie will help us remember, Dylan. And by "help," I mean "scream loudly.")

*B is for Beer. It is Saturday!

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