Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ugh, do I have to update the blog again? Didn't I just update the blog? Come to think of it, didn't I just vacuum? Didn't I just do the dishes? Didn't I just feed Finn?

Anyways, our day was fine. Finn and I went to the electronics store to get push switches for our in dash garage door opener DIY project for the Toyota Matrix. It took over 40 minutes of driving and 20 minutes of looking for the right switches. When all was said and done I should have just gone to Radio Shack. Although Radio Shack was a few dollars more expensive for the switches, I probably spent the difference on gas with the car. But Finn and I got home just before anyone had too much of the outside world.

It was warm today, 7 C, and rained most of the afternoon. It was too wet to do anything outside so Finn and I ran inside the house. Running made Finn tired. When Finn was asleep I built my in-dash garage door opener. It works pretty good. When I used it this evening to get a green pepper Finn caught on pretty quick that I was pressing something new and he had this look on him that was both proud that he noticed my new procedure with a hint of mischief. I know he was thinking about getting to the switches the next chance he gets.

And Finn and I went to our local Metro. It's the same as a neighborhood Safeway or IGA. Finn and I wanted chicken fajitas for dinner but we didn't have a green pepper to cook so we went and got one. When we were there I decided to get a fajita spice mix. We were both excited. I was going to cook a delicious, fun meal.

Dinner tonight started out so well. First, I baked the chicken breast instead of frying it. The chicken was so tender and juicy when I pulled it out of the oven. I should have stopped there and just ate the chicken breast with Finn. But I wanted fajitas. Allow me to bullet list my mistakes:
  • I bought a fajita spice mix. Everything else relates to my first mistake.
  • Instead of mixing the fajita spice mix with oil or water before putting the chicken in the mix I put the chicken in a pan and spread the dry mix over the chicken. No matter how much water, oil, or stirring I just couldn't get all of the mix spread. There were clumps of salty fajita mix all over the chicken.
  • Because of my screwing around with the mix I over cooked the chicken. My juicy, tender chicken turned into salty slivers of wood.
  • I went to Metro for a green pepper and left with a green pepper and fajita mix. I should have left with sour cream, salsa, green onions, lettuce, salad dressing, bacon bits and croĆ»tons. At home I had nothing to make dinner with. Now I know this for tomorrow.
  • Because I did not have sour cream, I substituted mayonnaise. That was a mistake. Enough said.
It is an understatement to say that my fajita was the most disgusting fajita I have ever had. I would even say that it was the worst meal that I have ever made for myself. I feel so bad I served this to Finn for dinner. In the end, I gave Finn left-over pasta from last night and would have gave him all the candy he wanted if he asked for it to make up for being a terrible cook. We should have either gone out for dinner when I saw we had nothing to make or just eat Fruit Loops. Although it tasted really bad, the worst cooking I have ever had gave me heart burn for days at a time and I really did resort to eating Fruit Loops for dinner.

Also, while cooking my fajita I knew we had onions so I didn't buy onions. In the kitchen I looked for the onion in our bottom cupboard. The onion bag had fallen behind a box of canned Tonic Water. I moved the box of Tonic Water and I found, what I think was, two onions. I would have taken a picture but our camera's flash will not go off so I couldn't take a picture. Instead, I drew a picture of the onions.

MS Paint doesn't do it justice. The onion's are a much darker shade of brown and the goo around them is much more sticky than represented in the picture. They are still in the cupboards. I may need them some day.

Anything else? I don't think so. Gross day. Gross meal. Oh wait!! I was thinking about it earlier today about how great it is being a single dad. Let me bullet list the things that I was thinking were so great:
  • Waking up in the morning and not having to go to work.
  • Staying up late and watching movies.
  • Eating processed chicken nuggets and fries at 12:30am (Don't panic, I made them at home. I did not take Finn to McDonalds at 12:30am.)
  • Going for a walk whenever Finn and I feel like it.
  • Feeling guilt free when I pee with the door open. Surprisingly, I only poo with the door closed.
But yet, with all these things that make me feel like a young and single dad if only for a week, my fajita incident has reminded me of one thing; I need Jenn and Rose. It has been less than three days and I'm already tired, hungry and bored. I suspect Finn feels the same, but hungry is at the top of his list.

And now Finn is asleep. I hope he sleeps well with tonights dinner and all. I suspect we'll just go out for dinner every other night now.

Heck, I may not be able to make a simple fajita dinner, but at least I can open the garage door with the push of a button on my Matrix's dashboard.

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Jenn said...

I miss you too so much. It takes my breath away. Need Finn and Dylan hugs.