Friday, December 04, 2009

Finn and I like being at home all day. We putz around the house during the day, go for drives in the car, and check out the neighborhood. It's neat seeing his personality come out. It's a different personality than the one I only see in the evening when I come home from work.

Today we were in the basement trying to organize the junk. Personally, I like things with drawers instead of shelves. With drawers, you can just put junk in and close them. Mess is gone. But shelves, you have to organize, re-organize, and keep them organized.

So I got fed up with all the crap in the basement storage area that I've been moving around through the many moves over the past few years... but I'm mild collector of all things that are still good. Yet the basement storage area is just filled with, what would be considered otherwise as, junk.

And THEN I found a couple of these crappy "re-usable" tote shopping bags. Gosh, I hate those. These are the cloth or poly-ester bags that are supposed to convince people to help the environment and re-use their shopping bags. BUT NO!! You alway forget them at home so when you do go to the store you have to either spend 5cents (where's the cent symbol on the keyboard?) on a plastic bag or spend $1.00 on a re-usable bag. AND, companies now love to give out these shitty tote bags instead of pens, hats, jackets or laser pointers because it's showing their client that the company is "green". I like the environment too, but can I have a hat instead of a tote bag?

So when this tote bag fad is over I have a solution for you. Organize all the crap in your basement into similar piles. This is a great activity for a young kid because you have to search through all the junk and look for all the computer cables, or loose CD cases, or printed photos and negatives. It get's them involved. When all the piles are sorted out, put each pile into their own re-usable tote bag. Now take each tote bag and hang them on a nail or hook on the wall. Voilla! Instant organization and it only cost $1.00 each time you needed a bag at Ikea or where the heck else.

So for all you Environmental-Hippies that will have a hundred re-usable tote bags at the end of this global-warming crisis and don't want to throw them away because they are possibly environmentally worse than regular plastic bags (original article in New York Times "An Inconvenient Bag") I have just offered humanity a way to save ourselves.

Although I am late, please let CBC know that I have just participated in the Million Acts of Green the next time you see them.

Yet, I'm afraid someone else has already thought about this before and has posted it on their blog.

This video is only from Finn finding the camera when I was making dinner. Nothing funny here. Just move along.

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