Sunday, March 20, 2011

A blog? What blog? I have a blog? (Sorry, blog, I've been a neglectful owner.)

Ugh. Cute pictures make up for everything.

Why, yes, they are eating cupcakes on the floor. I have no idea why. It was the cool thing to do one afternoon.

Really, though, maybe it maximises the release of sugar into their blood streams. Kids are sneaky like that.

Yup, Finn is still making the face.

In all truth, part of the posting lack is due to Finn. No, it's not because he makes funny faces for the camera, and believe me, there is no shortage of material provided by The Mighty Finn. Every time I think of posting about him, though, I hesitate.

I just no longer feel comfortable putting him and his stories here. He has his own life now, albeit a preschool one, but I am reluctant to invade his privacy any longer.

Blogging about a toddler or a baby is one thing; it's a whole nother ballgame to put a kid out there on the Internet. So if it seems like I spend a lot more time chatting here about Rosie, this is why.

I guess this is Finn's graceful exit from Internet stardom. Perhaps when he is older, he'll start up his own blog.

I just really hope it has nothing to do with bombs or how they are assembled.

I will keep posting his funny faces, though.

He will need some ammunition for his adolescent rebellion after all. "I didn't ask to be born!! And I really didn't ask to have my face all over your blog!!!!!"

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