Sunday, February 13, 2011

"What?? It's 3:45? Mommy!!! We're late, Mommy!!! For Sam's big birthday party! Mommy!"

Out! Out the door, everyone. We have a date for cake with an adorable guy turning two-years old!

Large social gatherings are not Finn's thing, generally, but for Sam, he had a great time. Finn seemed especially proud of the gift he brought. What would Finn get a good buddy on his birthday?
Why, Elmo balloons, of course.

Rosemary's first photo bomb.
When I explained to Rosemary we were going to Sam's birthday party, she seemed to think there would be tea involved. "Yeah, yeah, Ham's party. Rosie go Ham's tea party." There was no tea, but the juice, pizza, and cake more than made up for that.
Dads eating pizza.

"Happy new-new. Happy new-new. Happy new-new, Haaaaaam," sang Rosie. She did tear up too.* She was overcome with happiness, I think, for Sam and his totally awesome soccer-ball cake. Nice work, Rebecca!

*Rosie has a tendency to get swept up emotionally. For example, in Toy Story 2, she always cries when Jesse sings about losing her owner. Ah well, I remember being SO SAD and crying when Frosty the Snowman melted.
"Me? That cake is for me??"
"It is for me. All right!"
"I like cake."
I think Sam ate his name.
"Good afternoon, I had a most excellent time. The pizza and cake were divine. Thank you, Rebecca, for the invite. It was a pleasure."


Amanda said...

Looks fun! Are all these moms making these cakes? I see so many awesome cakes and can't believe moms are making them. It makes me nervous about Nate's first birthday...I'm going to feel so inadequate if I don't make a cool cake.

Jenn said...

I think that if cake making isn't your thing, there are loads of options, Manda. Lisa Tanner, if she isn't your fb friend yet, makes some REALLY cool ones, and I believe she takes orders. Also, Costco sells a mighty yummy cake. :)

Ada said...

I'm horrible at cake making, Amanda. I'm still an okay Mom. So says me.