Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We've been sick: lying-on-the-living-room-floor-watching-Elmo-all-day sick, coughing-so-hard-we-cry sick, being-generally-whiny-and-clingy sick.
It's been a long, snotty week, but things are looking up.

And through it all, the two coughing, snotty children have remained best friends.
As noses dry up and energy levels return, we can get back to our regularly scheduled cuddles and cuteness.


Jenni said...

That photo of Finn with his hand on Rosemary's back kills me.

We had a vomit fest here this evening, so heres to wishing us all health soon.

Amanda said...

So cute Jenn!

I'm sick and it sucks! Poor kids!

Ada Saab said...

I'm glad to read you are feeling better now though.

Also, it is nice to see that Finn and Rose are BFF. The other day Franklin asked me if I ever thought about how nice it was before Eliza came...

Jenn said...

It does suck being sick, Manda, especially when you're preggers. Hope you're feeling okay.
Finn and Rosemary -- I don't know what to say. Every day, they seem to love each other a little bit more. And I'm not just making it up for the sake of the blog. Finn is so sweet with her. In the beginning, there was some smacking of her and all that, but as he gets closer to three, the nicer and nicer he becomes with her. He really takes care of her. He's showing her his laptop in the picture. Beyond cute.
Ada, your Franklin comment made me laugh. Loudly.