Sunday, November 08, 2009

Today is a junk day. A very bad, no-good day. Why?

This morning, Dylan got up with Finn while I lounged in bed with Rosemary. I heard Dylan coming up the stairs and expected a nice, warm, very strong cup of coffee. He's nice like that.

"Um, Jenn, I have bad news. The coffeemaker is broken."

The next sound heard was my head exploding.

"GASP. NO! NO! NO! What happened? Wait, a minute. Yesterday, the coffeemaker made a very strange sound, and then it smelt like burning plastic. I guess that was a bad thing."
"Yes, Jenn, that would have been a pretty good indicator of a bad thing."


Junk day. Now we have to try and return our stupid coffeemaker to Costco. It's only two-years old. WTF? Don't people have coffeemakers for years?

I am broken without coffee.


Ada Saab said...

oh lord, I hear you!

they recently changed the consistency of my vanilla soy milk, the stuff that makes our cheap ass coffee palatable. Now, coffee just isn't the same for me and I'm sad. So very very sad.

My condolences to you. They just don't make things like they used to.

Jenni said...

oh, i am so sad for you. i hope you have a brand spanking new coffee maker and are enjoying a steaming cup right this moment.

Jenn said...

Good old Costco took back the broken coffee maker, refunded our money, and we turned that cash card into a brand-new one. Caffine levels have been restored, and all around the Leite house are breathing sighs of relief.

We were going to upgrade and get the one with the built-in grinder, but we were like, "Who are we kidding?" We have two kids under three; we are so not grinding freaking beans.

And Ada, I am sad for you. What? No dairy??!?!