Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There is a new kid in town.
And his name is Ernie! I can't claim he has ousted Elmo, but Finn is now carting around two Sesame Street pals.
Ernie entered our life on the weekend. We were at the local toy store checking out the train tables, which Santa may or not may not be delivering to our house. I'll never tell!

Anyway, I brought over Ernie and Bert dolls for Finn to see. When we were ready to leave, Dylan asked Finn if he wanted to put Ernie away.

Finn replied, "Home." Dylan was all, "Yep, Finn, we are going home."

Next thing we knew, Finn was running as fast he could out the toy-store door with Ernie in tow. Running really, really fast. Faster than I have ever possibly seen him.


He wanted Ernie to come home. It made me laugh. Really, really laugh, not harder than I ever, ever have, but it was a good one. I've never seen Finn do anything like that before, and although that is probably not the best basis for a purchase, we did the questionable parenting thing and bought Finn the Ernie.

I'd like to say this was a one-off and that he hasn't learned some horrible lesson about how to get what he wants, but I would probably be wrong.

Well, maybe now we can stop watching this clip; warning, though, it is an earworm.


Jenni said...

ah, questionable parenting. is there any other kind?

Ada Saab said...

AH! that was hilarious!

Run, Finn! Run!

Jenn said...

I love that kid. I really do feel lucky to get to hang out with him all day. What a weirdo. :)

arsarca said...

omg i bought milo a little car (like one of those ones you ride, for little kids) yesterday because he was riding it around the store & when i tried to take him off it, he held onto the steering wheel so tightly that the thing lifted off into the air. since gabi has her sweet bike, i figured i'd do it... i also the "questionable parenting moment." because we all have them... :D

Jenn said...

Jay, usually, it seems whatever Finn really, really wants in the store will be promptly ignored once brought home, and the stuff in the store he turns his nose up at turns out to be the toys he spends the most time playing with. It's one of those fucked inverse-relationship things They never tell you about when purchasing a baby and becoming a parent.
I have high hopes for Ernie, though, and I am sure the toy car will have hours of fun. How can you play cops and robbers without a getaway car?