Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Leites go to a picnic! Saturday was the NavCanada Annual Family Picnic. Expecting something from an episode of the Simpsons, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like a fun fair except without the crowds, the googly-eyed people, the noise, and everything was free. We ate a lot: caramel corn, cotton candy, hamburgers, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies, lemonade.

It was a big day for a two-year-old. Finn rode a pony, went down a gigantic inflatable slide, raced cars with Dylan, entered a bouncy castle -- boy, he hated that -- and filled his tummy with sugary goodness.

Nummy, nummy.

Speaking of great, this is my new love, the double stroller.

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Dylan said...

Jenn did not mention there was a petting zoo where we fed a pig, goats, llamas and sheep. Also it was at the Ottawa airport on the Control Tower's property so we were right near the runway and watched the airplanes take-off. It was amazing. I can't wait for next years. OH, and there were live performers.

I think I had more fun than Finn and Rosemary.