Friday, August 14, 2009

This is Finn happy at the park. Note the lack of other children. Other children at the park make Finn unhappy. He can tolerate one or two other kids running around, and he may even tentatively wave at one, but if it's a full park, Finn's butt will not leave the stroller.He's not totally anti-social, though. He likes us. He really likes Rosemary now. He has given our neighbor's daughter a smile once or twice, and Dylan has successfully coaxed him into giving her a candy.
Her name, the neighbour, is ALAIN. SHE IS 4 AND A HALF. DON'T FORGET THE HALF. OH! SHE GOT A NEW HAIRCUT. IT LOOKS LIKE A MUSHROOM. OH! THERE'S HER LITTLE FRIEND. WHAT'S HIS NAME AGAIN? FINN? WELL, HI FINN. HAVE A KISS. OH! THIS IS HER BIKE. IT'S PINK. OH! DO YOU WANT TO WATCH HER BE A FIRE TRUCK? On and on it goes. She's cute. Finn is just so bewildered by her and her constant chatter, he's immobilized, watching, wondering when she will leave. I like her, though. She is one HAPPY GIRL.
And, by the way, she does manage to give Finn a kiss once in a while.
Girls like you, Finn. I guess it's a curse you will have to learn to live with.

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