Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breastfeeding is going well. There was a lot I had forgotten about milk coming in and gigantic milk boobs and getting the latch right, but everything seems to have settled out.

Milk coma.


Amanda said...

Someone looks pretty loaded on breast milk!

Ada Saab said...

Things look good! My mother told me stories of breastfeeding me while reading to my brother (18 months apart). He's a successful engineer now. Just say'n.

Fluffy said...

Haha I remember the milk comas! I had no idea you guys had another baby! I had no idea you guys moved to Ottawa!! Well, I did fall off the planet there for a while and am slowly climbing back on. I will have to email you guys with an up date one of these days.

Good job on the delivery!! Seykoya's heartrate dropped too...everything was going fine until they made me lie down, grrr... Very scary