Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How is the Mighty Finn doing? He's good. He was worried about Mama when she had to sleep a lot and lie in bed, but now that I'm up and we're back to regular activities, he's happy. He seems remarkably unfazed. He's been through a lot in his two years -- moving to Ottawa -- and he's always proved to be pretty adaptable. Hopefully, this keeps up. I'm sure there will be some backlash when it sets in that the baby will not be going back to wherever she came from, but we'll meet that when it comes.

He loves these Ikea chickens.
So far, he gives Rosemary the odd kiss and cuddle. Mostly, he's too busy playing and running amok to really pay her much attention. She's pretty boring, really, what with the sleeping and the eating and the more sleeping and the more eating. He does like helping with the diaper changes, though. So far, so good.
This is my current reality. While Rosemary is breastfeeding, Finn sits on the ottoman, and we read books. Sometimes he jumps on the bed too.

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Amanda said...

How's Finn adjusting to big brother life? He looks pretty happy.