Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Being crafty! There are some amazing kid-craft blogs out there that I venture to looking for some inspiration. Hell, I think we all need a little inspiration in deep, dark February. I guess February was invented to make us appreciate July.

Stupid appreciating stuff.

Recently, we made a robot from construction paper, felt, googly eyes -- no craft is complete without googly eyes -- and a whole lot of paint. Idea was found here: http://www.kidscraftweekly.com/

Hmmmm...this robot is missing something.

I think he needs some paint.
That's what I thought. Now with red paint pouring out of his neck, the robot is complete.

Previous crafts:
Plate-spider guy. He looks awfully happy for not having enough legs. I guess he appreciates stuff.
This is a puppy, but I suppose you got that already considering it's spelled out very clearly in glitter glue.
This was a good craft. Finn painted the paper, and I constructed the butterfly. This butterfly has only one eye. He used to have two, but one got picked off. He looks a little forlorn about the whole eye situation: not appreciating stuff.


Anonymous said...

nice one, i just brought many fresh emo backgrounds to my blog

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