Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, little sweet one. You're one-year-old today.

One year ago, at around 10:30 at night, I was living this.

I love you, Rosemary, for all these reasons and more (italics added by Dadda):

1) You are always smiling. I know all Moms probably say that, but it's actually true about you. One look from anyone, or anything actually, and you let loose one. big. bright. happy. smile. (It's your smile that can turn any day good day into a great day. Your excitement and enthusiasm is incomparable. You have something that I've never seen; true, unselfish love for Finn, your Mom and me.) yo

2) That squealing noise you make whenever you see a dog. It could be a big, scary, barking dog, and still, you hold out your arms and make that noise, which, I am sure, is baby for "HUG."

3) You sleep through the night unfailingly, and you have a long afternoon nap. This is a gift you give to me, and every morning, when I wake up after a full night's uninterrupted sleep, I thank you for it.(I also thank you for sleeping. It helps everyone adjust to this new life we quickly found ourselves in.)

4) Your first words, thus far, are Mama, Elmo, and Ernie. I have to admit that day I saw you looking at an Elmo book and saying over and over again "Elm," I was hesitant to think you were actually saying "ELmo," but as the days went on, it became very clear that yes, you were, in fact, saying Elmo. This first word moment has been brought to us by Finn.

5) You give really good hugs.(and starting to give good kisses.)

6) For the way you look at your big brother, Finn. It's with adoration and with a thirst for knowledge. He is your teacher; you are his very apt, very attentive student. Example: sometimes Finn still uses his baby signs, especially in the car. I'll never forgot Finn making his sign for milk from his car seat, and you watching as I passed back his cup. You looked at him. You looked at the cup. You looked at your own hand and, very deliberately, made the milk sign too. The bright look in your eyes said, "So that's how I get a cup of milk around here."(With your smile and your assertive personality you will get whatever you want. It's scary.)

7) The lessons of fairness, patience, and affection you've helped your brother learn. We are all better people with you in our lives.

8) The way you hold your arms out to your Daddy for a hug and the shining look in his eyes when he gives it to you.(There's not another girl I could love more in this world more than you. Without saying a word you've fascinated me with your energy and adorableness.)

9) For such a wee little girl, you are so independent. One minute you are sitting in my lap, and the next, you've gotten down from the couch and crawled into the kitchen. When I come looking for you, you've opened the screen door, climbed down the step, and are sitting on the deck playing with the side-walk chalk. And by "playing," I don't mean you've dumped it or are trying to eat it or some other random behaviour befitting an almost one-year-old. Nope, you've taken a piece of chalk and are trying to draw on the deck with it. Finn, we are being watched.

10) When you and your brother play, laughing and lost in a magical world of childhood, I feel really, really lucky just to witness you two together.

One was fun, it was surely was, but I can't wait for two.

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Jenni said...

Beautiful! Happy birthday, Rosemary!