Saturday, January 16, 2010

We watched Coming to America last night. I don't really know why, but since you're wondering, it's actually watchable. Eddie Murphy is actually funny. Unexpected, I know.

It's a hell of a lot better than The Hangover, another "comedy" we've seen recently. About 10 minutes into that horrible, piece of crap, I stopped paying attention, but apparently, people find The Hangover really funny. Dylan's co-workers were even going on and on about how hilarious this movie was. Huh?

Maybe it's just me (probably.) Maybe it's my kind of humor (definitely.) Maybe Dylan's co-workers have terrible taste in movies (undoubtedly.) The Kids in the Hall, now that's funny to me. Is anyone watching their new show? It's ludicrous and crazy, but I happen to like ludicrous and crazy. Okay. I'll admit it. When we streamed it late Wednesday evening, I was only kind of watching Death Comes to Town, but that's only because I'm reading this, which is completely absorbing and fascinating. Really, but that's whole nother post.

If I went to see The Hangover in the theater, I would have walked out. Immediately. Of course, if I saw The Hangover in the theater, I probably would have felt like Homer Simpson after the green crayon was removed from his brain. Remember?* As a child, he crammed 15 crayons up his nose, and one remained stuck. Scientists remove it. Homer survives, and his IQ goes up from 55 to 105. With his newfound intellectual powers, he goes to a movie, a "comedy," and realizes, "Hey! That's not funny. Why are you all laughing?"

Anyway, back to Coming to America, I liked the late '80s memories: the big earrings, the crazy sweaters, neon lights as decor, the technology. "Hey! That's my camera! I had that camera! I loved that camera. What happened to that camera?"

Mostly, though, I found myself this morning wishing I could call all my friends and family on a hamburger phone. A hamburger phone! (I know. I know. There was a hamburger phone in Juno, but the one in Coming to America was just there. It wasn't retro cool. It was simply cool.)
*If you don't remember that episode, it's Season 12, Episode 9, "HOMR." It makes the Jenn's Top 10 Best Episodes Ever.

At the end of the episode, Homer wants to be dumb again. He's intelligence has alienated him and ruined everything he once enjoyed. He asks Moe to put the crayon back in his brain.

Moe: All right. Tell me when I hit the sweet spot. (Puts the crayon up Homer's nose)
Homer: Deeper, you pusillanimous pilsner pusher!
Moe: All right. All right. (Hammers the crayon in)
Homer: De-fense, uh-uh! De-fense, uh-uh!
Moe: Eh, that's pretty dumb. But uh... (hammers the crayon more)
Homer: Extended warranty? How can I lose?
Moe: Perfect.

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