Thursday, November 26, 2009

I miss having a cat: a warm, furry little loafer who sleeps on all the furniture and eats our food. I think Finn and Rosemary are a little wee for a pet, so we'll wait. In the meantime, I am hoping we have a solution for my cat cravings.
Meet Stevie. He lives across the street. For a few months now, Finn, Rosemary, and I have been making pals with him.

I think we're finally becoming friendly. My ultimate goal is him sleeping on our couch and eating our food like a furry little neighbour ought to. We're almost there. Often in the morning, Finn comes running into the kitchen -- I am always in the kitchen. Why is that? -- yelling, "Stevie! Stevie!" We rush out with the toys and the milk.
After his customary Tupperware full of milk, he stays to play with a ball and get a pet or two.
He's even playing with Finn lately. Well, he's a little uncertain of Finn and his quick movements, but they have managed a bit of fun. Stevie is only six-months old and is as playful as his two-year-old neighbour.
I think he's just about ready to come into the house.

Note to self: Add tuna to grocery list.

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