Monday, November 16, 2009

The blog has been quiet of late. Why? Well, that would be because this little charmer has been getting up at 5. That's right. Up at 5 a.m. At this awful, terrible, no-good hour, Rosemary has been up, ready-to-take-to-on-the-world up, "Hey! Why isn't Finn up yet?" up.


I can get up happily at 6 a.m. Six-thirty is even better, and 7 o'clock is great. But 5 in the freaking morning? I have absolutely nothing to say at 5 a.m.

Today, Rosemary slept till 7 a.m. My brain is functional again. I have enough brain power to wish this picture had sound.

Oh, I suppose that's called a video.

Well, anyway, she really likes this dolly, and my ears suffer the squealing proof.


arsarca said...

you're funny. happy seven am to you!

Ada Saab said...

5am is just plain mean.
Is she going through some kind of developmental change? Franklin went through that too - and would have a hard time sleeping.

Here's betting she starts doing your taxes.

Ada Saab said...

ha! I just re-read that it sounds like I'm saying Franklin went through developmental changes.

yeah... cause he no longer dribbles and chews on his fingers.


okay, back to being moderately productive...

Jenn said...

Bingo, Ada! We lowered her crib last night because she can now pull herself up. Finn was the same way. He would suddenly not for the life of him be able to sleep until whatever was coming came. The first year is so nutty.


Jenni said...

my god do i hate an early wake cycle. hope she's off it for good.