Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween night was a success. This was fun. At one point, when I was handing out candy, I peeked out onto the street and saw little groups of happy children running around the neighbourhood in the dark. They had taken over the street, and it was brilliant.
Finn was a great Elmo, and Rosemary, well, she loved being a ladybug.
It didn't take Finn long to figure out the system. Knock on the door, open the big Elmo bag, and get candy. "More! More!"
Along for the ride and loving it. She was a pretty good co-trick-or-treater. People assumed Finn was collecting for both him and his sister. Score!

Elmo did manage to get dressed as Finn. Finn didn't like it, but I got a picture in quickly.
Oooh, checking out the candy haul! Nice work, Finn.

What on earth are we going to do with all this candy?

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arsarca said...

elmo dressed up as finn made me laugh. awesome. it looks like you guys had a blast.
milo was the one to figure out that if you grunt, "MO!!" that you get more candy. it works, apparently. i cannot believe how much sugar those kids brought home. three big cloth grocery-bag-full. too much for my old lady teeth, i tell you...