Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dylan: "Don't take that picture! It's 40 degrees outside, and I am using a blanket. People will think I am deranged." Rosemary: "Rightly so, Daddy, but we all love you anyway. Even in your blanket."

"In other news, I love bouncing!"
"Eeeeeeeeeee!WheeeeeeWheeee! Eeeeeeee!"

"I may look cross-eyed and squishy here, but in four months, I'm going to be cute." And that you are, Rosemary. Everywhere I go, the world is smiling at me. People are stopping me to chat. I see people look at me with blank faces only to start laughing a second later. Rosemary is so ridiculously happy, we need a new word for it. It's infectious. Everyone is happier with Rosemary in the world.

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Jay Smith said...

I love how photo-saturated your blog entries are.
I just posted this on my blog as a comment, bumight have better things to do with your life than repeatedly check to see what people have commented on your comments on other people's blogs. Here's the scoop, quoted verbatim:
Lol. I thought it was "Jenny", who has rotting wisdom teeth. There are also multiple individuals called "Elizabeth" who posted under the name "Elizabeth" who always throw me for a loop, too.
Silly me.