Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finn, age 10 weeks.
Rose, age 10 weeks.

When we decided on two years apart for our children, we knew they would be close. We are just getting an inkling now of how close they will be. Finn wants her around. He is no longer content with her in her crib while we play in his room. He wants her in his bed. He wants to touch her. He offers her bits of whatever he is eating, and on one particularly cute occasion, he brought her a dandelion handpicked from the yard.
He has a strange idea of what entertains her. Half the time it works on her, all the time on me.
I really like these kids of mine.

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Amanda said...

So cute! I think my parents knew Adam and I would be close as well. I was able to calm him down for my mom. I used to put my hands over his ears and say "Stop Fuzzing Fuzz!". This is what they tell me. I believe there is some photographic evidence. As you would agree, brothers and sisters are great!