Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About three blocks from our house, there is a bike and walking pathway along the Ottawa River that extends from where we live, Orleans, all the way into downtown Ottawa.
Dylan and Finn haven't made it downtown yet, but it does look beautiful. Plus, there are benches just made for resting and snacking on. Is it just me or does it look like there's beer in that water bottle?
Since babies and bikes generally don't mix, I've only walked along the river, but while Finn and Dylan are out canoodling by the river, my consolation is the wee little girl I get to hang out with instead.
She just gets sweeter and more cute every week.
While I do think she looks a lot like Dylan, those are clearly my arms stretching out there. Or maybe they're Grandpa Stan's arms. Either way, they are long and lovely, of course.

Anyway, this is what Finn likes. We can keep our fun farms and children's events. Have I mentioned our trip to West Fest? There were numerous activities for young people: bouncy castles, balloons, clowns -- Dr. Kaboom! -- and Finn summarily rejected them all. Moderately disgusted by these kid-friendly events, he meets the balloons and the other children with a look of mild distaste.

Just give him the peace and serenity of the river, and he is a happy kid. Don't forget the rocks! Climbing rocks is way more fun than any old stupid bouncy castle filled with screaming children, Mama.

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Amanda said...

That is really cool. Ambitious people could ride their bikes all the way to work.

I remember Jill telling me that the lakes just outside of Ottawa were great for swimming. Although, I am kind of with Dylan on this one. Who knows what I would think if faced with 40 degree heat.