Sunday, May 31, 2009

Could she be any cuter or any pinker? No, I don't think it would be possible.
Dawn is in town, and we're on the town. On our trip to downtown, I had to sit in the back with the children. It was kind of fun, albeit a bit squishy.

These cats are likely the nicest people on the hill, IMO.
Finn loved the cats.
And was especially interested in the raccoon. I've never seen a raccoon before. Does Alberta even have raccoons? Dylan suggested we burnt them all in barrels of oil; hence no raccoons. He tries to tell his co-workers in Alberta, there's so much oil, people bbq over barrels of it. Ha ha, Dylan. Ha. Ha.

Enjoying a cookie on the canal. 

A wonderful Saturday afternoon.

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Jay Smith said...

i liked the autobiographical turn at the bottom of the cats sign.

nice photos, & i'm glad to have rediscovered your blog. your kids are so lovely!

take it easy!